We started as a small group of friends who got together randomly for lunch for the simple purpose of catching up and sharing some good food!  That's when we first heard the story of the "9 Nanas"  (click here to read their story).  These ladies did good in the world with what they had--MaMaw Ruth's amazing southern pound cake recipe!  A light went on, so to speak, in one of our friend's head and in her heart.  She knew we could make a difference in our community, too!  We started out quietly leaving groceries on the door steps of grieving families. From there, we developed the "Wee Care" Grocery program, the Angel Gown program, the Remembrance Ornament, and the ideas continue to come!  So here we are now--a group of friends and mothers (and a lawyer too) with tender hearts and willing hands pooling together our resources doing good things and bringing a little bit of light to grieving families.  We are 100% volunteer. We have no paid staff. Our programs are 100% supported by donations; our activities are carried out 100% by volunteers. Every dime we receive is spent on programs to help grieving families.


We are an Oregon 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity with a mission to serve families who unexpectedly and suddenly lose a minor child, or a custodial parent of a young child.


Roberta Gruber, Co-Founder, Wee Care Groceries
Program Director, Oregon Farm Bureau
Mom of two

Ricki DeckerCo-Founder,  Fundraising
Mom of five

Rachelle Ross, Secretary/Treasurer
Mom of two

Sheena Shurtz, Fundraising
Mom of three

Melanie Smith, Public Relations
Client Service Specialist, Charles Schwab & Co, Inc; Salem Independent Branch
Mom of four

Kathryn Lounsbury, Marketing & Website Manager
School Office Specialist, Liberty Elementary School
Mom of seven

Gerry Thomas, Infant Gown Program Manager
Retired Business Owner
Mom of four (one angel baby)

Mike Freese, Legal Counsel
Attorney at Law,  Dad of 3 (2 angel babies)

Angie Eller, Fundraising and Marketing, Mom of five, (one angel baby)

Christina Abbott, Fundraising and Marketing, Mom of three