Can we talk about carbs here people?  I know for all of us battling that number on the scale,  they're somewhat taboo.  All those calories.  (sigh)  I myself avoid them whenever I can (find the will power to pass them up!)  But let's be honest--be it pasta or pastries, carbs are so deliciously satisfying and naturally comforting--sometimes they're just worth the cheat!

My Grandma Sybil was an exceptional baker.  She baked bread like nobody's business.  She came by that skill as a young girl. As the oldest daughter left at home after the death of her mother, my grandmother baked 8 - 10 loaves of bread every other day for her father, 9 siblings and a couple of farm hands, give or take.  She would mix the dough the night before, let it raise overnight, and awake at 5 a.m. the next day to knead it down and divide it into loaves.  And all this responsibility for a girl so small she had to stand on a chair to have sufficient leverage to knead her dough on the high counter!   On her "off days" she mixed up a large batch of baking powder biscuits.  She also records, "After making the bread in the morning, I also remember having to make school lunches (usually ten)  a job I disliked very much!"  Over those many years and those many loaves of bread, she certainly perfected her art--a light and tasty potato  bread with the perfect degree of crustiness to the crust.  Whether plain or toasted it was just delicious.  One of the delightful memories of my childhood is walking into our kitchen after school when Grandma was visiting.  I remember being met with the aroma of her freshly baked bread in the air and a warm piece of bread with a melting pat of butter and some homemade raspberry jam as an after school treat.  Hence, the discovery of my own favorite comfort food.

As you know, our charity is all about comfort--about giving, nurturing, satisfying, and filling even to the smallest degree some family's emptiness.  Next week you have the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause AND enjoy some comfort *food* yourself.  Our Loaves of Love fundraiser is fast approaching.  To try any of our breads (white, wheat, and parmesan herb) or our frosted cinnamon rolls, just visit our shop to order--some for you, some for the neighbor, and definnitely some for Mother's Day dinner!  On Friday May 8, we'll be taking over the commercial kitchen at Kelly's Home Center and baking, baking, baking!  (Thank you Kelly's for your generosity!)  Pick up will be that evening from 6 - 8 p.m. at Kelly's  (3850 Hagers Grove Rd SE).  We hope to see you there!