In the midst of tragedy, the last thing on a parent's mind is grocery shopping; even that simple task may feel overwhelming. Just knowing there is bread, milk, cereal, and toilet paper in the house goes along way toward peace. We can help with that. A "Wee Care" grocery delivery is like a night light shining a ray of light into a dark space.

One "Wee Care" delivery contains milk, bread, eggs, butter, cheese, cereal, fruit, dinner items, cookies, toilet paper, toothpaste, as well as diapers and infant formula when needed.  The Wee Care groceries are personally delivered to the grieving family by one of our volunteers each week for a minimum of four weeks, or as long as it's sponsored.


We receive donated wedding dresses from compassionate women in our community and we transform them into infant burial/cremation gowns, known as "Angel Gowns."  We donate these handmade Angel Gowns to Johnson Funeral Home in Salem, as well as to Salem Hospital and Legacy Silverton Medical Center.  



Holidays are some of the hardest days to endure for families who have lost a baby or child.  In the first holiday season following a family's loss, we gift them with a beautiful Willow Tree holiday ornament ("Angel of Hope") that bears the name of their loved one and the name of the family of our community who sponsored the ornament for them.  This simply conveys "we remember your heartache, and we care."


When a family experiences an infant loss, we like to contribute toward the cost of burial through Johnson Funeral Home in Salem to ease the family's burden. Whether we contribute or not depends on our available resources at the time of need.  When we have available resources, we give.