In the midst of tragedy, perhaps the last thing on a parent's mind is grocery shopping, because even that simple task may feel overwhelming. Just knowing there is bread, milk, cereal, and toilet paper in the house goes a long way toward peace. We can help with that. A free "Wee Care" grocery delivery is like a nightlight shining in the dark. One "Wee Care" delivery contains basic grocery items, such as: milk, bread, eggs, butter, cheese, cereal, fruit, dinner items, cookies, toilet paper, toothpaste, and diapers and infant formula, when needed.  The free Wee Care groceries are personally delivered to the family’s doorstep by our incredible volunteers each week for a minimum of four weeks, or as long as it's sponsored.


Although we are not yet accepting more wedding dress donations, we are working through the donated gowns we have received to transform them into infant burial/cremation gowns, known as "Angel Gowns."  We donate these handmade Angel Gowns to Johnson Funeral Home in Salem, as well as to Salem Hospital and Legacy Silverton Medical Center, as needed.  


We understand the holidays are some of the hardest days to get through for families who have lost a baby or child.  In the first holiday season following a family's loss, we gift them with a beautiful Willow Tree holiday ornament ("Angel of Hope") that bears the name of their loved one and the name of the family in our community who sponsored the ornament for them. This simply conveys "we remember your heartache, and we care." We hope this beautiful ornament is cherished for years to come and brings a welcomed lift during the holiday season.


When a family experiences infant loss, we contribute toward the cost of cremation or burial through Johnson Funeral Home in Salem. Our ability to contribute depends on our available resources at the time of request.  When we have available resources, we freely give. If you’d like to ensure that we have money when it’s needed for this purpose, become a sponsor of this program. Contact us and we’ll make it easy for you.


 When we have an idea for a new program or project that we believe will benefit our Willamette Valley community of grieving families, we’ll get to work on making it a reality. Large or small, these acts are important. They define the character of a community. They bring compassion and unity when it’s needed most. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to learn how you can volunteer with us to launch a new project. Nothing brings greater satisfaction to the soul than using our skills and talents to help another person without thought of personal gain (except for the amazing good feelings of joy and contentment that you gain from it.)