As with all charities, we rely on donations from our community. We have no paid staff and extremely minimal operating cost so we’re able to put 100% of donations into programs for grieving families. No salaries or benefits are paid from your money. When you dedicate your money to a specific program, it goes there. When you pledge a monthly amount of $5, $10, $20, $30, $50 or whatever amount you wish, we use it to maintain existing programs or toward the start-up of a new and exciting one. It never goes to a bill. We have other resources to pay our bills. Choose to become a regular donor and we’ll make it very easy on you. We’ll charge your credit card each month for you until you notify us in writing to cancel. Simply contact us via email to begin. We are a 501(C)3 non-profit so your donation is tax deductible.


WVCC Sponsors receive marketing and other benefits when they help with our special projects, new programs, or fundraising events through services in kind or through one-time financial donations. When we develop a new program/project, we’ll seek sponsors and volunteers to help get that program/project off the ground. And in return, we’ll tell the world in our publications, banners, and website all about your generosity, kindness, and concern for the well-being off our community. That’s awesome free marketing, no?! If you’d like to be a program sponsor, email us and we’ll make it happen!


We are 100% a volunteer based charity. Our board of directors is a working board, completely unpaid. Our programs are run by the compassion of unpaid volunteers. We always need help crafting bracelets, sewing angel gowns, delivering groceries, and we warmly welcome the voluntary expertise of tech experts, non-profit management gurus, website development pros, etc. When we develop a new program or project, especially if it’s a large one, we’ll put out a clarion call on Facebook and website for the voluntary services we need. We believe our community is talented, smart and compassionate, and is willing to share their acquired skills and expertise to lift those who are desperately hurting among us. It’s humanity at its finest.


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